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Advice and Resettlement Service

An Advice Worker is available each week at the Sunday Drop-in Service and at the Cold Weather Shelter to meet with guests on a one-to-one basis. We are currently working with the local organisation, The Pillion Trust, to provide this service.

The Advice Worker supports guests in a variety of ways including helping them to secure and retain accommodation, advising them on routes into employment and training, or advising them about any benefits to which they may be entitled. This can also include supporting guests to complete forms, liaising with different agencies, including benefits and housing departments, and where necessary accompanying them to meetings and tribunals.

Many of our guests live a precarious and stressful day-to-day existence and it can be very hard to deal with these matters without support. Our Advice Worker has the expertise to be able to quickly identify the needs of anyone who asks for support and develop a tailored plan to help them.