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Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday Reflection: Palm Sunday to the Garden of Gethsemane - Andrew Gardner

Maundy Thursday

We approach the end of a difficult week of faith. If we find it difficult, how much more did the disciples, who were to become apostles? Holy Week poses more questions than answers, and even the answer we will soon celebrate comes as much with the Ascension as with Easter.

Jesus' last days as mortal contained much loneliness. He felt isolated, and abandoned. The joy with which he had been received just days earlier, was shortlived. In honesty, would we too have isolated and abandoned him? Even Peter, the rock upon which the church is built, denied him not once but three times.

How much more abandoned did His followers feel after Good Friday? We are quick to reach easy judgments, that is an in-built human failing. A human grace is the ability, alone amongst life on Earth, to look back with distance, hindsight and ability. Perhaps it is symbolic that it took John 40 years to complete his gospel, with his Revelation written in exile.

We pray that Your grace be with us, that we may be slow to judge, and willing to forgive - those qualities that You taught us to hold close.