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Welcome to the Margins Project


The Margins Project, based in the Union Chapel, provides a range of vital support services to people facing homelessness, crisis and isolation in our community and beyond.

News & Events

  • Our annual review is out. Key highlights include our new Kitchen Training Programme and the change in our legal status. We became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in July last year, which will allow for more autonomy in our working. Exciting times ahead.
  • Our Kitchen Training Programme is currently running its third session with a great new group of trainees.  They have learnt to fillet, mince and spice all kinds of meat, fish and veg and serve the Union Chapel concerts each evening. This programme, which only began last year, is a major development in our work supporting people who have faced homelessness. The project shifts the focus of our much loved cafe from a source of revenue to the development of people's future and includes pre and on the job training alongside intensive individual supervision and mentoring. Participants will develop skills, build confidence and be fully supported into employment.
  • Daylight cakes and quiches are once again making a name for themselves during its current season! The season ends on 15 December so hurry, come and see brilliant music and eat delicious quiches before we break for Christmas! Thank you to all of our Daylight Cafe team who make our excellent Saturday afternoons and to Ben from Arctic Circle for the music.


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