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About Us

Our Vision

A supportive community committed to social inclusion, where people are recognise by their potential and not by their misfortunes.

Our Mission

To create a safe space, where people facing homelessness and poverty are offered support. They are encouraged to explore and develop their potential within the community. A place where people feel empowered to progress towards their recovery.

We have a small core team of staff members:

Margins Project Manager
Sabita Ravi

Sunday Drop In Co-ordinator
Isobel Cassius

Cafe Trainer and Manager
Felix Frederick

Fundraising Officer
Rachel Krish

We also have a large group of wonderful volunteers, without whom the Margins Project would not be able to run. We very much appreciate this and are all extremely inspired by their hard work and dedication. Many of our volunteers are ex-service users of the project, who, once back on their feet, have been keen to ‘give something back’.  We have around 25 core volunteers who help to run the Sunday Drop-In, Cold Weather Shelter and Margins Cafe.

You can follow Margins on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates about our work.