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Church Membership

Once someone has been worshiping at the chapel for a while they have the opportunity to explore becoming a church member; there is a short membership course which they will need to attend before being welcomed into membership.

Church membership can be seen as a somewhat old fashioned way of working these days but we feel it is important for us to keep on with the tradition of church membership for these reasons:

  • Membership signifies a commitment to the spiritual life of the chapel.
  • Membership provides a helpful structure for the core group of the church to work under.
  • Membership encourages a greater responsibility to care for that to which you belong to.
  • Membership offers an opportunity to build relationships and make promises and commitments to one another affirming that feeling of belonging.
  • Membership provides a vehicle for people to know they are a part of a diverse family which begins at Union Chapel but extends across the world wide Christian Church.

The way of a church member

Easter Cross

There are three commitments which mark a church member of Union Chapel...

1. A commitment to a continuing journey of faith

The way of a member is to continue with their journey of faith and action in the world, and encourage others to do the same. They will have a commitment to engage with the bible and a willingness to share their own life journeys with one another so they can grow and learn from each other.

2. A commitment to care 

The way of a member is to pray for and care for other church members and the wider Union Chapel community. A member will be aware of the overall responsibility to care for the building and will take an active interest in the Union Chapel Project, the appointment of directors for the board and making wise decisions concerning the future life of Union Chapel. A church member will happily subscribe to the values of the church and will always try and work towards protecting and fulfilling those values

3. A commitment to share

The way of a member is to have a willingness to share their resources as they are able. Offering some of their time, money and skills where needed. A church member will also have a commitment to attend gathered times of worship and church meetings when they are able to.

What is church membership all about?

Cong Way There are many different ways in which people feel they are a part of the Union Chapel community. Some belong because they work or volunteer at the chapel; some belong because the have become a ‘friend’ of the chapel; some belong just because they come along regularly to gigs or to enjoy food and friendship within the Margins project. Those who gather regularly to worship together on a Sunday and at other times during the week form a special kind of group to belong to within Union Chapel, which we call the Union Chapel Congregational Church. This small gathered community of believers are committed to the spiritual life and growth of Union Chapel, and they carry the ultimate responsibility of looking after the community within the building, the building itself and all that goes on in it. At Union Chapel we hold the value of inclusivity as being very important and we would want to feel that as soon as you visit us you are warmly welcome and are invited to belong in whatever way feels right for you. Within the church it is important though to be able to identify those people who want to give a special commitment to the life and work of Union Chapel, these people we call church members.